Change style on mouseover

Hi … is there any way in 9 to be able to create a shadow when a control is mouseovered (gets focus)?

I’m not sure I understand the question correctly.
You can also add a style for “focused” by clicking on the blue Button “New Interaction” in the interaction panel. Then click “More Style Properties” to set the shadow.


There is 2 ways to do that :

  1. As said fishmi222, with common interaction “MouseOver”, it’s clearly the quickest and most effective way, if you have no time to waste.

  2. Use both interactions “OnMouseEnter” and “OnMouseOut” and play with opacity and move of shadowed object (that allow you to create an animated interaction)

Here an example file for the 2nd solution :
ShadowAnimated.rp (268.8 KB)

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Thanks … I was looking at Events … not Style Effects section … you have educated me … (thumbs up)