Change Workspace Owner


I’d like to know if there’s a convenient way to change the owner of an AxShare workspace.

The original owner of some of our workspaces left our business so we need to assign another owner to them.


Hi maximilian,

Sure thing. Here’s how:

  1. You’ll first have to ask the original owner to “invite” you to the Workspace(s). That would be located here:

  1. Log into your AxShare account where you can then accept his invitation.

  2. The original owner will then have to “unjoin” from the Workspace, which will relinquish his Workspace ownership and pass it over to you.

  3. That’s it!

Great news – thanks very much!


Sorry to bump this thread but I have a follow-up question to this topic; Is it possible to change owner of a workspace without forcing the original owner to leave the workspace?

I do understand a workaround could be that the original owner first leaves the workspace then gets invited again by the new owner.

If it’s not possible to change owner without leaving the workspace could we add a feature request to add “CHANGE OWNER” under MANAGE USERS for the owner.

Hi Axure support folks - on a related note…

We did an ‘owner swap’ of workspaces recently and saw what we thought was a bug - though not a critical one. The new owner got notifications of changes to the workspace - in this case me copying prototypes into it. But also we believe the original workspace creator / owner got those same emails too. Could you confirm / check? Thanks - MG

@RoomieRoomie: Having the current owner of a shared workspace leave it is currently the only way to change ownership of the workspace. The workaround you mentioned definitely gets the job done, but I can see how it would be useful to have a more straightforward way of changing ownership. I’ll get this filed as a feature request.

@Mike GrayMike Gray: I’m seeing behavior like this on my end as well. It seems that if you voluntarily leave a shared workspace—as opposed to the owner removing you from it—any notifications you have set up for the workspace will not be automatically removed. I’ve filed this on our end for further investigation. Thanks for pointing it out!

Hello, I located this topic as we also need to change the owner of a workspace. The owner in question no longer works at the business and the email account used to set up the workspace no longer exists. In these circumstances how do we change the owner? Or is the only way to create a new workspace and copy the files across?

Hi Claire,

If the original owner’s email address is deactivated then it sounds like you’re unable to do a password reset to unjoin the workspace on their end. If the original owner can’t be reached to change ownership themselves, and if users currently in that workspace aren’t invited as “Viewer Only”, then you can create a new workspace and use the “Move” action on those projects to move them to the new workspace. You can then have everyone unjoin the original workspace, which will leave the original owner with an empty member-less workspace on their end.

I am currently the owner of a team workspace that three team members share. I want to transfer ownership over to one of those members. If I, as the original owner “unjoin,” how does AxureShare know which of the remaining two members should be the owner? Also, the new owner would have to invite me to join again, is this correct? Lastly, would I have to “get” all my projects again?

Hi lyndaebaker,

If you’re the original owner of a workspace and you leave it, you’ll be prompted to select a workspace owner from a list of current members:

If you leave a workspace, you’ll need to be re-invited to it if you still need to access and work on the projects within that workspace. You’ll be able to continue working on your team projects from that workspace once you’ve been re-invited, however it still may be a good idea to perform a “Get All Changes” action to make sure that your local copies of the projects are up-to-date.

I hope this helps!