Changing a state that relies on 2 variables

Hi there everyone,

So I’m a beginner and doing a project to make a game that recycles old broken items and fixes them with items thrown away. My issue is that I have a dynamic panel with 4 states. The player needs to select 2 items, I have it set up that when each item is clicked it restores the bike. But how do I have it so that it doesn’t matter which item is clicked, as at the moment when my “last item” is clicked it shows the finished bike. Meaning that the player could theoretically beat the level with the first click. How do I have it so that when both of these variables are selected it displays the “finished product”/ final panel. I only want the finished bike displayed when both of these items have been selected.

I hope this isn’t too confusing.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


A couple of ways you could do this… Some straight-foward approaches:

  • The Selection state of each widget can test the selection state of the other widget in a conditional Case. So, for WidgetA, something like,

If selected of WidgetB is true
<change panel state to "“finished product”>

Then, for WidgetB,

If selected of WidgetA is true
<change panel state to "“finished product”>

  • Or, you could set up a “function widget” (like a hidden button or hotspot maybe) that checks the selection states of both WidgetA and WidgetB, as in,

If selected of WidgetA is true and selected of WidgetB is true
<change panel state to "“finished product”>

The second method should work better if you have more than two things to test.

Here is the Axure reference for conditional cases:

hi there, i still seem to be having issues. i tried the first method. but i think i am doing it wrong as for the fucntion “change panel state to “finished product””. i add the case of “if selected of widget B is true” but for changing it to the last dynamic panel it doesnt work. to change the dynamic panel are you adding another case eg the “state of panel” case? or do you add the "change panel state to “finished product” somewhere else?