Changing color of current page button

I’ve made a nav menu with buttons as masters and inside them, I’ve made dynamic panels with 3 states (default, hover, active). What I want to achieve is to set a button status to active based on the current page title. So if the page name is “Users” then the button with label “Users” is highlighted.

It doesn’t seem to work. Button label is as a master override so maybe this is where the problem lies:

Thanks in advance for any help. I come from XD and Axure is quite new to me. Maybe there is a simplier way to achieve this result.
NBC App.rp (92.3 KB)

Can I somehow set different icons on different buttons while keeping them as masters?

Okay I fixed it. It turned out that Axure doesn’t support polish letters in variables :wink:

Not really related to your OP but I thought I would mention that you don’t need to use dynamic panels for button states Axure supports “style effect” interactions (they’re at the bottom of the “Interactions” panel). The hover effect will just work automatically and you just use the Set Selected > This interaction to trigger the selected state. You might find that easier than making masters for each, individual button.