Changing Dynamic panels in "another Dynamic" panel Next Page

Hi Guys!

Ok, been trying a few things, although sorry, just not a sifu like most of view here. I’ve attached the file.

I’ve been reading on Axure forum on: SET DYNAMIC PANEL STATE ON NEXT PAGE

Although, the main question is: What happen if we have 1 dynamic panel which contains ** another dynamic panels as well** in the NEXT PAGE ? For instance in the file, if you choose the first row, the result should appear on the next page and same for each rows.

ChangeDynamicPanelStates.rp (89.3 KB)

I really need to understand this please.

Hi @splix,

In your case, for the first line, you have to add 2 distinct SetPanelState actions:

  • Set Background (Dynamic Panel) to Blue (State)
  • Set Header (Dynamic Panel, the one in Background) to Yellow (State)


PS: By the way you’ll have

  • to use a global variable to store which line you clicked on on the Home (Page)
  • 3 conditions on OnLoad (one for each line) to trigger the corresponding SetPanelState Actions

Thank you PierreJ, what about for the one that other panels in the panel? I’m someone very visual. I need to see an example as I tried many things…

Here the steps breaked down and the result:
ChangeDynamicPanelStates - V2.rp (208.3 KB)

  • Set Panels
  • Store a value on a variable
  • Display/use value of a variable onload
  • Check the value of a variable and if the condition is true, set the right panel

I did it for he first line, I think doing it for the other one will be of use to learn core Axure mechanisms


Thank you PierreJ !!
This was awesome from you and very well explicated and quite easy to understand. It simple, but I had to see it in order to understand it. Everything worked.


Happy that it helped you well

Have fun prototyping :smile_cat: