Changing style of several widgets

Suppose, I have several widgets that share the same color: black paragraph, a circle with the black border and a box filled with black.

How do I replace black with red all at once across my project?

You can update the widget style. If there are different widgets, you will have to update all widget styles. More Details :

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Create your widget “template”, right-click and choose “Create Master”. Do this for each unique widget/group/dynamic panel or create a Master for each logical grouping (such as Header, Footer, Primary Button, etc.) When you edit the Master, changes will be reflected everywhere the Master occurs in your prototype–unless you “break away” an instance of a Master.

More on Masters here:

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Yea, but what if there are hundreds of elements which need to be updated?
Like this
It will require a lot of manual work to update all of them.

I mean, maybe there is a way like to define a variable, e.g. for accent color, which could be changed and all the widgets using it would be updated?