Changing text style when not selected

I was trying to create two buttons with a selection group assigned so one automatically gets deselected when the other one is selected. When clicked on the button, I need the color to be changed. By default, one button is clicked. When I tried to add interaction styles for setselected, the style of the default button is not changing even when it is deselected. But for the other button, it works fine.

What you’re describing generally should work fine. If it’s not, then there must be something else going on. But without seeing the file it’s very difficult to tell you what that is. Can you share a file that shows the problem?

Hi ethicsshare,

As nkrisc mentioned, it does sound like the setup you described should work as expected. Would you happen to have assigned your buttons to two different selection groups? Here’s an example file demonstrating this interaction for reference:

selection_group_example.rp (48.6 KB)

If you’re still running into this issue, would you be able to post the problematic RP file so we could take a look? TY!

Thanks for the help. I could resolve the issue now