Changing X, Y, w + h of each selected widget in a selection


Something else I’ve noticed missing in 9 which I used a lot in 8, and considered it a very powerful feature, was the ability to edit the X, Y, width or height of each individual widget when you have multiple ones selected:

This allowed such efficiency when working with lots of widgets, and was an often used shortcut.

Can this be brought back please?

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You can still find this in the Style Toolbar. But yeah, I also would miss this feature.

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Aaaah I see, so the sidebar options are for each widget, the toolbar one for the selection as a whole.

Bit weird they took away the label saying this. I would add it back in.


@Zuvala Thanks.

I tried it and found it confusing too.

when multiple widgets were selected.

  • in RP8 the Style Widget showed both “Location + Size” and “Each Widget”
    when single widget was selected
  • Each Widget was not shown
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I have to say that the UX designers are worse creatures of habit than the users they create their UX designs for :grin:
You’ll understand what you can do without a label, won’t you?