Check out our Axure Sketch plugin for bringing Sketch assets into Axure RP



I was hoping the plugin update would have improved some of the issues I have found:

  1. When I am copying and pasting assets from Sketch to Axure using the Axure Sketch plugin, sometimes some of the elements get pasted incorrectly, meaning that they’re no longer aligned accurately. And when rendering the prototype, even though the assets are corrected in terms of the x and y values, those elements end up in other “areas” when previewed.

  2. I’ve encountered some iPhone interaction issues when previewing shared prototypes. For one thing, some of the modals/dynamic panels won’t work. Second, text is rendered incorrectly - the font is incorrect and then the text ends up wrapping, too.


What Versions do you use?
As of today the latest Versions are
Sketch 55.1
Sketch PlugIn by Axure 1.0.1

I hope that Axure will fix the Sketch PlugIn soon to become trustworthy in the tool chain


I hope to support adobe xd as soon as possible. Provide xd plugin to import xd into axure.