Checkbox widget not working on phone

The checkbox widget works perfectly in the desktop view, but it’s broken when visualising on a mobile device. It only works sporadically, meaning I can only check it randomly. It seems that the hit area for it is off but even that doesn’t seem to do the trick (when trying the same area that worked the previous time).

Anyone having the same issue? I’m using the Axure Cloud app on an iPhone.

Hi! If you’re still running into this now would you be able to post the file that demonstrates the issue, or email it to That and the steps on how that particular checkbox (and the surrounding widget structure) was built would help to investigate if this is a new bug that needs to be filed. Thank you!

Yes sure. Here is the file. You can publish it and see it on a mobile device (I’m using iPhone XR), that the checkbox works very erratically.

I just added the standard checkbox widget and created a global variable to be changed according to the selected state of the checkbox.

You can also check that with the radio button it works perfectly on the mobile.

examplefile_checkbox.rp (51.1 KB)

Thanks for attaching that! I took a look at your file it looks like the toggle for the checkmark only fails on mobile when your interactions are present; when removed, the toggle seems to work correctly. This seems to be specific to applying the current interactions to the checkbox with On Click or Tap; if you cut and paste the interactions (sans conditions) onto the checkbox widget’s Selected and Unselected interactions, then this allows both the toggle and the appropriate setting of the global variables to happen.

I’ll go ahead and file a ticket for further investigation into why the original setup wasn’t working, but in the meantime hopefully altering the interaction as above does the trick for you!

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Nice, thanks a lot! I’ll give this a shot.

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