Checkboxes and Radios not rendering

Checkboxes and Radio button controls are not rendering when placed on the Axure artboard or any browser previews. This seems to only effect files that were imported from Axure 8, as prototypes created in the 9 Beta render these controls correctly. This is on Mac OS 10.13.2

Hi jpzrmd,

Could you post your RP 8 file here for me to test? Please also let me know whether you’re opening the RP 8 file directly with the RP 9 Beta, or if you’re importing via “File > Import from RP File”. I’m unable to reproduce this from a simple test, so having your RP 8 file will be very helpful. In addition, could you let me know whether the label text is missing as well, or just the checkbox or radio button itself? Thank you!

Same problem here. Radio buttons and checkboxes don’t render even when I’m creating brand new file in RP9.

Tried different browsers. Doesn’t help.

Working on Windows 8.1 Pro.

Here’s my .rp file. I just opened the file directly in the 9 Beta. Didn’t use the import, sorry if that was confusing.

CheckboxTest.rp (54.7 KB)

Believe I located the problem. The checkbox and radio widgets contained in my rp8 file had their border thickness property set to zero by default. Apparently now that the borders of these controls are style-able they have to have at least a 1px border to be visible.

Hi jpzrmd,

Thanks for sharing your file! It looks like files created in Axure RP 7 sets the line width of radio button and checkbox styles to 0 in the Axure RP 9 Beta, and our teams are working on a fix for the issue. :slight_smile:

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I also have the same problem. Creating a new radio button in completely new Axure9 file is not helping - I still dont see it.
I really hope you’ll solve it. Customisation of form inputs is a great thing!

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