Checking Variable for List of Values using OR Boolean

Hey all,

I am creating a password validator where one of the requirements is that the password (stored in a variable) contains at least one letter and one number. I was considering going the “is alpha-numeric” route but given the password can have symbols, I resulted to creating the OR list in the function.

Unfortunately, it seems that when I go this route, it only looks for “a” even though I am using double bars to create the list. || This happens with numbers as well.

Any idea why this isn’t working like I think it should?

It’s hard to see in your screenshot, but it looks like you don’t have a space between the double bars and the letters (or the quotes around them).

Here’s a super simplified version of what I think you’re doing and it works.color change.rp (56.5 KB)

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Thanks! That helps.

I was doing:

When it should have been:
[[‘a’ || ‘b’ || ‘c’]]