Child/Parent inheritance issues with adaptive views

I created a prototype with adaptive views, and after going through to create my tablet views (which inherited from my base desktop view) and most of my mobile views (which inherit from my tablet view) I realized that my desktop view was being altered by my changes to my mobile and table views, and vice versa.

Elements I move and rearrange on my mobile or tablet views are showing up as similarly rearranged on my desktop view. If I correct it on desktop, it is then altered (and now wrong) on my other views. It’s pretty frustrating!

Curious if I’m missing something obvious or if there is a bug of some kind. Only some elements are rearranging; other pieces of my prototype are staying in place on their relevant views.


Hi Shannon,

I’m not yet sure if what you’re seeing is a bug or intended behavior, but there’s an easy way to check! When working with adaptive views, changes to specific properties will be affected in all views, while others will only affect the current view and its children.

While widget text, interactions, and default/disabled affect all views, location, size, style, and interaction styles affect current/child views. So if you make a rectangle blue in your tablet view, it will be blue in your tablet and mobile view, but not in your Base desktop view. However, if you made that rectangle blue in the Base view, it will be blue in all of your views. Likewise, if you moved the rectangle to (0,0) in your Base view, it will move in your tablet and mobile views. Moving the rectangle again in your tablet view should move it in the tablet and mobile, but not in the Base. Here’s a section from our Learn page that gives more information about inheritance:

If you’re seeing something different than what’s supposed to happen, feel free to post your RP file here and I’ll be happy to take a closer look. Thanks!


Sorry, but I think there is an error. When I use tables, they are resided from child to parent.
Could somebody please take a look? Is this expected behaviour?
I want to have a more narrow table on the small view, and a wider one on the large screen.
Which ever way I set up my adaptive views, when changing the child, the parent is affected.
Thank youadaptiveViewsError.rp (87.7 KB)

Hi all!

The user (rajsca) emailed us through the primary support channel (, and we discussed how the table widget is one of the few non-adaptive widget types where the only adaptive property is the location (while the size and styling must be the same in each adaptive view). The following section in our documentation includes an idea for a workaround (e.g. creating a new table in each breakpoint and unplacing the extra ones in each view):

Another idea that they came up with for the sample file was to use a repeater in lieu of the table, as regular shape widgets contained in the repeater item are adaptive. (:thumbsup:)