Choice Page: Menu for filtering News Article Topics


Our aim is to create a prototype for a news app called “NewsHero”. For that we designed a “Choice Page” with 5 buttons. We want to let the user’s choose in what kind of topics they are interested (choose 3 from 5 topics: Business, Technology, Entertainment, Sports, Science). So that the News Site, which they see after selecting the topics, will include exactly those 3 chosen topics. If a button is clicked on it is selected.

Therefore we created filters with logic. Example If the button SCIENCE is selected AND the button POLITICS is selected and the button ENTERTAINMENT is selected THEN a link with the News Site Science, Politics and Entertainment will be opened.

So the problem that occured was, that we did all the logic for every combination but it did not work. Then we suggested that it had something to do with the order of the chosen topics/ buttons. So we started with Business on the first place and then designed the logic with every combination possible with Business at first.

The problem that occured after that was, that some combination would function, some would’nt. And what we didn’t understood at all was, that some combination we never had written in our logic would function.

So I will upload my Axure File. You will find the logic in the tab “Choice Page”.

I would be so thankful if anyone could help me!

Thank you a lot beforehand.

newshero.rp (10.0 MB)