Clarification on 3d Flip animation

Hi there, is there a way you can animate the 3d flip only half way? Like stopping it midway or controlling the flip so it only flips 40% of the way?

I was thinking about something like this:


The short answer is, “No.”

The long answer is, “Well, maybe… with a bit of work.” What I would try to hack this is to make a screen recording of the animation (in your browser) and then trim it as needed. Play that movie in Axure (or convert recording to an animated GIF with the first 40% of the frames.) TechSmith’s SnagIt! software can do the recording, editing and save as MP4 or GIF, easily and quickly.

Thanks for replying. I did go the animated gif route too. It’s not that bad actually.
I was hoping there might be a scripting hack for controlling the flip, or stop the animation midway somehow.