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Hi all,

Trying to figure out how to hide a button when the user clicks anywhere but the button. Example file attached.

I have a table row that can be deleted when the user click on X. The REMOVE button slides from the left, and when clicked will remove the row. Works great, but if the user doesn’t want to click the button they should be able to click anywhere else and have the button hide. Can’t figure out the off click hide thingy.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Steveexample.rp (54.3 KB)


Hi @steve1,

When you show your REMOVE button use “treat as a lightbox”:

The background color should be set to 0% opacity so it would be totally transparent.

Hope it will help,


Hi Pierre,
Thank you for your help. I set it up with treat as lightbox and it works now. : )


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