Clicking hotspot on image to display information

I have an image of an app. I want to create hotspots over specific parts of the image. When a user clicks on those hotspots, information about that hotspot should appear in a text box to the right of the image. There are multiple hotspots on the image. How can I do this elegantly? :slight_smile:


The other aspect of this is that I don’t want the user to go to a new page when clicking on an element.


You have your image, you add your hotspots. Then you create a dynamic panel to the right of the image. Create a different state for each hotspot and in these states put your text box and the required descriptive text. Then hide this dynamic panel.

You can then add an OnClick to each hotspot, first setting the dynamic panel to the relevant state, then showing the dynamic panel.

To hide it, you can either add an OnShow case the dynamic panel of say, Wait 10000ms (This will leave the panel onscreen for 10s) then hide panel. OR, you could add to each of the states a ‘hide panel’ button so you can manually hide the textbox after the user has read and understood it.

hotspot.rp (68.8 KB)