Cloud mobile app and Cloud for Business

I’ve got a Cloud for Business account I’m kicking the tires on and I can’t get the mobile app (iOS) to log in. I’ve tried “normal” login as well as “Enterprise log in”, putting my custom domain into the Enterprise Server Address, but no love. I’m sure it’s me, but any idea what I’m doing wrong?

Hi! Is this for the private hosted instance of Axure Cloud for Business? If you haven’t already, when you’re logging in on the mobile app please double check that you’re including “https://” in front of your custom domain in the address field and see if that does the trick to allow login. If it persists then please email so that we can work with you one on one directly. Thank you! :slight_smile:

Yep, that was it. Needed the https:// in front.

Thanks for the help.

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