Collapse the Outline folders

So sorry if this has been questioned already, but is there any way to auto collapse as default, or even easily collapse all folders at once in the outline/pages column on the left? Very hard to gain momentum when i keep wanting to collapse all those folders!

Many thanks.


I agree. I am spending too much time collapsing folders.

A display control in the outline would really help: expand all; collapse all; expand branch, collapse branch.

Plus the ability to setup expand and collapse behavior- such as to set after copy of branch via copy/paste in the outline window, to have it not expand all in copy.

If any of this already exists, please let me know. Thanks in advance.


Yes! Please God i dont know how this isnt a thing. In sketch, its an easy shortcut to set, why is modding axure so difficult? - my suspicion: Axure was designed by engineers with little input from actual designers… Just my suspicion

Thanks Axure_monkey for adding your thoughts. Now I’m wondering, if the main app doesn’t currently have this functionality, if there is an add on widget, plugin, or script someone has created to help solve this…


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Axure RP 9 doesn’t have a way to auto-collapse or set a collapsed state as a default for the Outline or Pages panes. Both version 8 and version 9 allow you to collapse individual nodes by selecting the icon for the page/collapsible widget in the appropriate pane and then pressing the left and right arrows on the keyboard, which hopefully helps a bit. Per forum policy we’ve closed out this thread and are directing all further feedback/feature requests to, but the feedback file thus bar has been filed. Thanks!