Collapsing ELSE / IF statements

It would be awesome if separate IF and ELSE statements could be collapsed or expanded within the Interactions panel.

I work in TV UI design and most of my prototypes make use of keyboard key presses for control, as I can then map these to an IR remote. This means that I often end up with a huge list of IF statements for each separate key press. It becomes quite a difficult to read list by the end of it so If I were able to collapse them and simply expand the ones that I needed to add or edit it would be a huge help.

Not sure how you build this, but I would take a look at raised events if you’re not already using them. Fire Events doesn’t sound like it would be useful in your case.

I would also take a look at how you’ve architected this for your IR remote. You may benefit form using a Master within a Master, or saving values in a secondary dynamic panel state with text boxes that retain values.

Without actually seeing the widget you built, it’s a bit difficult to provide suggestions, as this sounds pretty complex. This is the first time I’ve seen someone use hardware other than pointers (mouse/finger) to control a UI, so I apologize if this doesn’t help much.