Color an Image in Axure RP


Is it possible to color an image, which of JPEG, PNG, or GIF format?


You mean, can the user draw on an image?

If you want to change the color(s) of a rasterized image (JPG, PNG, GIF), for instance if user clicks on it, then you’d first need to create the colorized versions of those images using your favorite image editor. Technically, you could do this with Axure and save out the result, either saving the resulting image from your browser or taking a screenshot…but I don’t recommend that approach. Better to use Photoshop, Illustrator, or something like it. Then, in Axure you could set a “selected” state for that image that loads your colorized version, or for multiple color options create multiple states in a dynamic panel.

We can help you with details if you post a sample RP file or some sketches of what you’re trying to accomplish.

Another way to do this with an image is to create an SVG, import that into Axure, set it to a shape, and then you’d be able to easily change colors of fills and borders to your heart’s desire. Have a look at this:

Thanks for your help @mbc66