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I am trying to add the product palette to Axure RP9. But I cannot rearrange the order of the colors in the favorite palette and most importantly I can’t find how to delete colors from favorites… Help!
I am wasting a lot of time on this…
We are trying Axure again after a long time, there are features I missed in other software but not being able to manage a small product palette is probably a deal breaker…

PS, I am using RP9 team edition on MacOS Mojave.

After an hour of trying … right clicking offers delete

What I do for palettes is create a style sheet, where I can create custom names for colors. Then I can just assign a color by setting a named style. just set the Fill color and Font color in the style. And/or create a page at the bottom of my prototype with a rectangle widget and label for each color.

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I also noticed that what I add to my Favourites do not get saved with my file. It probably remains only for that session.

Glad i saved them in a separate page. I’d of had to define them ALL over again.