Color Picker - accessing the system one

I’m trying out the beta, having skipped over RP9, and one thing I’m missing is the ability to open the system’s colour picker from the text/fill/border colour picker within Axure.

This was very helpful to me as I had stored colour libraries from our own design system, so was quick and easy to select the right one.

I see in 10 we now have the Favourites section, but they have no names and it’s only ‘one’ place, rather than however many custom libraries you want.

Is it possible to get access to the system color picker back? I’ve found this crude workaround where I then have to point the Axure eyedropper at the swatch in this, which is a bit fiddly, especially on a laptop-only screen setup.

Feature Request: What would be even more awesome, would be to have Color Style Manager, in addition to Widget Style Manager.

Let’s say I have my base design system colours, but then on a new project for a client I want their ‘Brand’ color to be something else. But by changing that speficic Brand color property in a ‘Color Style Manager’, it would then ripple through to all of my Widget Styles (e.g. Brand Button, Brand Button Hover, Brand Button Selected…) that reference that Color Style.

Make sense?

That would be AWESOME.

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