Color picker in entry field

In a prototype, I want to include an entry field where the user can select a color which is subsequently displayed in the entry field with its RGB code. How can I get this done?

The simple solution would be to define 20 or so different colours in a repeater widget. Each of the colours would then correspond to a different dynamic panel state, which would contain a box with a certain colour.

You would have a “pick your colour” button that would “show” your repeater widget. upon selecting a colour in your repeater, there would be an “OnClick” action to say, change the colour of the button (or whatever action you desire).

If you want a fully featured widget instead, this is much more complex and likely not worth the effort to develop. This is likely the reason no one has done it, although it’s possible someone did in a paid Axure library.

OK, this could be a practical and elegant solution. Thx for helping out!