Column of radio buttons in repeater

How do you get a column of radio buttons to act as a single radio button group in a repeater so that selecting one radio button in the column deselects any other previously selected radio button in the same column?

Just assign a Radio Group in the Widget Properties pane or right-click menu as you would for any Radio Buttons you want to group.

Radio Button | Axure

Thanks for the quick response! I had already done that. It was necessary, but it wasn’t sufficient. I just found the Isolate Radio Groups checkbox for the Repeater Properties in the Widget Properties and Style pane. Deselecting the checkbox did the trick! :slight_smile:

Where can I find back the "Isolate Radio Groups checkbox " ?

You’ll find this in the Properties Pane for Repeaters and Masters.

Old string, but it totally identified the problem I was having. Wanted to clarify that you must unclick “Isolate Radio/Selection Groups” to make the radio buttons work.

Here’s my example made in axure 7:
custom-radio-buttons.rp (71.0 KB)