Combination of 'Fit to Content' and a dynamic repeater

First off, I love you guys and your product, so this is just constructive input.

A dynamic panel contains a table built using a repeater - The DP doesn’t fit to its content, including Adding/Removing/Filtering the repeater. ‘Fit to Content’, in this instance, is false advertising. I’m aware that there are work-arounds (dpsize*visibleitemcount, etc.), but they aren’t nearly as easy as it would be for the feature to work as advertised in this instance.

This seems to have been an issue since RP 7 and I can only see it being exacerbated by the ability to style DPs. I would most humbly cast my vote for this to be resolved in RP 9 if at all technically feasible.


What you’ve found is a bug. Fit-to-content DPs in Axure 8 work flawlessly with repeaters: it’s a technique I use all the time (e.g., for moving content below the repeater down). In Axure 9 it’s completely broken.

Here a repeater whose row content 50% transparent. It’s inside of a purple fit-to-content dynamic panel, which you can see through the repeater.

Axure 8
Axure 9

Here is the Axure 9 file: dp_repeater_test_ax9.rp (55.0 KB)

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Hi all!

I’ve taken a look at josephxbricks’s sample file, and I agree that this looks like a bug. I noticed that the RP file shows the correct fit to content styling for the repeater in Axure RP 9, but when previewed, the dynamic panel reverts to its original sizing. I will be filing a report regarding this unexpected behavior with our teams to further investigate the cause of this issue.