Combine repeater data set on 'itemloaded'

I’m having a bit of a mind blank and can’t work out how to achieve this.

Basically every time I add a new row to a repeater I want to update a local variable or just a text widget to include all the data from the repeater’s first column.

As an example, if I have this data in a repeaters first column:
Row 1 = one
Row 2 = two
Row 3 = three

The output on my variable or text widget would be:

one, two, three

If I then add a 4th row = oranges I would have:

one, two, three, oranges

I’m sure its an easy solution but I’m just having one of those days

Pretty straightforward: You just need to reset the text widget “variable” back to blank each time the repeater refreshes. After that it’s just appending to the target text.

Thanks @huban, that worked great.

However i’ve changed my approach as the the requirements have now changed. Essentially I need the repeater to drive the text in my input widget.

I was thinking maybe I could do it by resetting a variable every time a row is marked/unmarked and consolidating all of the data from the now marked rows in column 1 but i’m not entirely sure how to achieve this.

Example.rp (63.2 KB)

I’ve made an example just incase I wasn’t clear. As you can see the names get added fine on selection I just can’t work out how to remove the name from the input when a row is unselected.

Can anyone help with this?

What order do you want? Sort by repeater order or click order ?

Click order would be preferred

I add a new page, and also add a new repeater to store selected options.

Example_Jorkin.rp (90.6 KB)


Amazing! exactly what I was needing. Thank you

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