Combining two javascript PageOnLoads

Hi guys,

I have troubles combining two javascript function (PageOnLoad). Both functions are working alone, but when I try to combine both, they doesn’t work anymore (just one). I’m not that good in JavaScript, so my effort combing both in one function wasn’t that good (…) and I don’t know, what’s wrong/what I have to change.

Maybe you pros have a simple solution for my?

One functions is: javascript:$(’[data-label=“dpanel_container2”] .panel_state’).css(‘border-radius’, ‘100%’);void(0);

The other one is: javascript:void($axure(’@justified’).css({“text-align”:“justify”}));

Thanks a lot in advance.

$('[data-label="dpanel_container2"] .panel_state').css('border-radius', '100%');
throw new Error();

Line breaks aren’t necessary, just for readability.


You need to wait at least 50ms between JavaScript callls in Axure. If each call works on its own, try inserting a “wait 50 ms” between them.