Commenting does not work - Google Chrome

We are using Axure 9 and our client is trying to comment on the design, they cannot get through and submit the comment. They were NOT getting an error message ‘There was a user mismatch’ from Axure, when they were trying to submit the comment as a guest, but instead nothing happened. The comment did not get posted and no error message was displayed.

I have asked them to enable the third party cookies, and they were enabled all along. Their Chrome version is 66.0.3359.181 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Finally, I asked them to create an account. This has also failed. The error message, they are getting now is ‘Couldn’t connect to the account service. Please, check your connection and try again.’

Could you please explain why is this happening and how could it be resolved?

Thank you.

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This was happening to me a couple weeks back. Seemed to clear itself up without any task on my part.