Comparing projects and slow repeaters


Is there a way to compare a new version of a project to an old one? Something broke along the way and I cannot find it.

Also, I have a repeater widget that loads very slowly. I have read about the fact that it is loaded every time something changes and I have tried to take this into account, but still. i am using display information in the data table to determine how each row should be displayed, and I check this on the item loaded of the repeater widget. Does this force to reload the whole repeater then?

I attach my project. I first threw out a lot of things to make it more simple.repeater issues.rp (3.3 MB)

Axure doesn’t have any kind of “line item” version control that I’m aware of. The only things I can think of aren’t that great but you could try.

You could import the contents of the old project into the new project and get a general idea of some changes but it would only be high-level things like pages, masters, global variables, etc.

You could use a 3rd-party comparison tool to crawl the generated web site files of the two projects and see what it finds.

You could use a full featured version control tool like Git to check in the files generated by the old project and then try “merging” the the files from the new project. This would probably your best chance at seeing any, true “line item” changes, but they would only be for the output, not the project file itself.

For your slowdown issue, let me first with the disclaimer that I am not a web developer and know only just enough to be dangerous…

Looking at the browser devtools logs, what’s taking so long is a document/Redirect event when a page is loading:

I noticed you were using a lot of masters so, on a hunch, I broke all of them away and checked the load time again:

Unfortunately, that’s where my limited usefulness comes to an end. I can’t tell you what exactly is going on or why but you could try removing some of the “less important” masters and see if anything improves.

Hopefully, someone with more web performance knowledge or an Axure dev might be able to shed more light on the subject.