Comparing values in a repeater

I hope everybody is staying safe and well first of all.
I am trying to compare the variance between 22 entries in a repeater against the lowest price row.
So I have a repeater that contains an ‘uplift’ column (a) (which is set using a dropdown within the repeater row and updates row on selection change) as well as unit price info column (b) which is combined with a master unit volume text box outside of the repeater (c) to provide a total price (d) which is set into a text box on load of repeater… so abc=dc and d are not within the repeater table data. This all works fine.
So the first functionality I am trying to achieve is extract the minimum value of d to make (e).
From there I want to set text of a Variance text box within my repeater that is effectively d-e=(f).
I kind of got it to work but it seemed to mess up somewhat where the row that is e is in the middle of my repeater set, f only seemed to calculate correctly for the rows below it and not above.

Once I have that working, what I then need to do is the third piece of functionality that where a is changed, it needs to compare d again etc etc.

I hope this comes across as semi-coherent - im guessing you can tell I’m still relatively new to Axure :smiley:Variance Example.rp (53.7 KB)

Ok, so I made some progress after original post and the Minimum Value e now changes in line with the dropdown a is changed…
However what isnt working properly is the Variance f as some are 0 when they shouldnt be and then some of the math is just wrong :frowning:
Attached latest version with the extra functionalityVariance Example.rp (55.7 KB)