Complicated menu - problem with push/pull widgets


This is the project:

I have 2-levels drop-down menu: one row is visible and the user has to click “All filters” to unroll the second row and also some checkboxes below. User can click “show widget” from both of menu’s rows to see the “Widget” and it should show up always between the down part of menu and above the “Block”. And that’s my problem: I don’t know how to use the pushh/pull widgets option to have the “widget” always in the same position.

I also want the “widget” to be still visible if it was clicked in the first row of menu and then user unroll the second row, but I want it to move down, right above the “block”.

Do you have guys any idea how to do it?

My guess is when you click “Show widget” you have it set to always be on top? Uncheck that option.

Hi, thanks for your answer! You mean the Pin to browser? I have this option unlocked.

Your grey button “show widget” has a click event to show the hidden panel. Make sure “Bring to front” is not checked.

Another possibility is the hidden widget actually is above your dropdown? Make sure the dropdown is on the top layer/level. You can do that in the Outline panel.

Hi Monicc,
Can you share your .rp file here?