Condition to show a message if the first string is (or number) is not = 6

I’d like to know the condition for this:

I have to show a message of error if the first number is not 6 or the 2 first numbers are not 71, 72, 73 or 74. It’s a phone validation.
I don’t know how to specify the “start if”. And I don’t know if I can treat it as a number, phone number, or a string. Help please.

Thank you!


Use Substring(0,n) to check the n first character of a text
and show your error message.

And in the condition builder take care to select “any” so the interaction trigger if any condition is true (6 or 71 or …):

Substring.rp (47.1 KB)

Hope it wil help,

PS : if you have more conditions, there may be a better way to do it

Sorry didn"t see the “not”


Substring_2.rp (47.1 KB)


Yes, I have more conditions:

  • 9 numbers maximum (If is less than 9, the button to subscribe doesn’t appear)
  • Only numbers (if a string is writter, an error message is shown, the button to subscribe doesn’t appear)
  • The one said above (if is not 6 or 71…) + the button to subscribe doesn’t appear.

I atach my file.

LogicAxure.rp (52.1 KB)

LogicAxure_V2.rp (51.2 KB)

I change a bit the logic to be understable:

First, if all true, show subscribe, else hide:

IF number & length=9 & (6 or 71 or ..)
=> show subscribe
else hide subscribe

Then each time one need to show an error one check the condition:

IF not numeric
=> show error numeric
else hide error numeric

and like that with all the errors


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