Conditional setting of selection state (condition builder) for a button group

I have some buttons.
When someone clicks one, I want it to change colors and be in a selected state.
I’m using Set Selected - Toggle Selected

So far, so good.

When a second button is clicked, I want that click to check to see if any other button is in a state of “Selected” and if so, set that button to “Not Selected”

It would be trivial in Javascript. It’s breaking my brain in Axure. But I don’t have much experience with the condition builder.

I went into Condition Builder. I’ve poked around all of the drop down lists. I’ve also looked at all of the condition tutorials I can find…but I’m still scratching my head.


Hello again!

This is an easy one to do: selection groups.

Under the Widget Properties & Style panel, choose the properties tab. From there, find the selection group field and make all widgets you want the same selection group. Now only one widget in a selection group can be in a selected state at a time, and all others will revert to their default state when another is selected.


Could you elaborate nkrisc? I have a group of buttons. Do I assign them to a selection group? Can you create a selection group and assign the buttons to them?

Hi @ryanjohnsondRyan,

If you already have a selection group established that you’d like to add the buttons to, select them and then select the group in the “Selection Group” dropdown in the Properties tab of the Inspector pane. If you don’t have a selection group set up yet, select the buttons and then type a name into the “Selection Group” field. This will create a selection group and assign the buttons to that group. (You can also do all of this by right-clicking the buttons and selecting “Selection Group” from the context menu.)

I hope this helps!

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Thanks Anthony! I set up a ‘selection group’ a few weeks ago. And it was so easy to do that I completely forgot how I did it and since I couldn’t find the instructions I had followed I was desperately searching for an answer. Thanks for providing that answer to me!