Conditional Show/Hide Widget that has a page anchor

Hi, I’m trying to do a conditional hide/show widget. When “Service” is clicked on on main menu I want the “Get Quote” to hide. I’ve managed to do this when I put the whole thing as a dynamic panel (which is on a master) however, I want to be able to anchor the “Get Quote” to a contact form on the specific page. When I put the “Get Quote” on the actual page (instead of the master) I can do the anchor but not the show/hide. Any ideas?
Thanks in advance,
Leigh Ann

You could add a Raised Event interaction to the Service Menu to monitor for changed state and when it changes to ‘Services’, hide the Get Quote widget. If you post the relevant portion of your working file, someone can help you to write the interaction.

Thanks so much Dave. I was able to figure it out based on your suggestion - it’s easier when you know what you’re looking for lol! Thanks for your help.

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