Connector tool bugs in the latest update

Connector tool arrows are going nuts in the Chrome browser preview after the latest update. Please fix. Thank you.

Thanks for the report! We’re working on tracking this down and getting a fix for it.

The recent update states that it has been fixed. Come on guys, can’t you just test your work properly before releasing updates?

Hi ux4lux,

I’m sorry to hear the new build 3623 didn’t resolve the issues. Could you post your .rp file here so that we could take a closer look?

1.rp (302.6 KB)

Hi ux4lux,

Hmm, I’m seeing the connectors in your file render correctly in the Chrome, Safari, IE, and Firefox browser. Here’s what I see in Chrome:

If that’s different from what you’re seeing, could you verify you’re running build 3623 by navigating to “Help > Check for Updates” from the main menu of Axure RP? If that checks out, please let me know the version of Chrome you’re running, whether your language/region settings are set to something other than English, and any additional details you’re able to provide about your machine set-up. Please also try “Arrange > Reflow All Connectors”, and let me know whether that helps with the behavior at all. Ty!

my Axure is up to date.

Reflowing all connector doesn’t help.

My Chrome is up to date too. Windows primary language is US English.

It’s not critically at the moment as the project is almost completed but I hope this issue will no longer appear in further builds.

Hi ux4lux,

Thanks for the follow-up. To further troubleshoot this, could you email with your locally generated HTML files for this file? You can do this by navigating to “Publish > Generate HTML Files” from Axure RP’s main menu. This will generate the project’s HTML, CSS, JS, and image files onto a folder on your computer. Please email us this locally generated HTML folder. Ty!

I’ve send the archive with generated HTML.

BUT I already found why this problem’s happening. It’s all coz of browser scale. 110% scale breaks the connectors. Switching back to default 100% fixes it. Hope it helps your developers to make the connectors work fine at any scale.


Hi ux4lux,

Thanks very much for the info! Our QA team was able to reproduce the same issue where zooming into the browser while previewing breaks connectors at certain zoom levels, and our teams are working to get the issue resolved. For now, you’ll want to keep the zoom level at 100%, but we’ll hopefully see this resolved soon. Thanks again!