Connectors not recognising master shapes

I decided to make each shape in my task flow a master item so I could just overwrite the text on them and when, for any reason, I needed to change the style, I’d do it just once - hell, this is pretty much the most advantageous thing about symbols (which I guess masters is trying to mimic here).

But when I convert those shape into masters, the connector lines don’t recognise the connecting ends of the shape, which is mildly infuriating. In order to make this work, I have to break away the masters which defeats the purpose. Can we have connectors recognising objects that are masters, please?


Help! I’m having the same issue as well!

I want to create a reusable (Masters) diagram component AND then use the connect tool to link them together, however the connect tool doesn’t seem to be able to connect Master components?

Is there way to create reusable diagram components that work with the connect tool?

Hi dreedmonroe!

Hmm, it looks like this behavior is due to masters being placed on a different “page-level” on the project page. This is similar to how dynamic panels can house widgets within their dynamic panel states that only exist within those states. When a widget is placed in a dynamic panel state or a master, it’s not on the same “level” as widgets that are placed directly on the page. You can use connectors to link widgets that are placed within the same dynamic panel state or master, but you cannot connect to these from outside of the master or state.

However, if you want to reuse some diagram components, and these do not need to be tied to the master once they’ve been placed on the page, you could break your components away from the master by right-clicking on the master and selecting “Break Away”. Breaking away widgets from a master makes it so that they’re placed directly on the page, so that they can be connected to with other page-level widgets. You could right-click on the master in the Masters pane and select “Drop Behavior > Break Away”. This will make it so that the master’s widgets automatically break away from the master as they’re placed on the page.

I hope that helps some!

I appreciate the reply Chelsea, but your workaround wouldn’t allow me to update the master and have those changes affect the “break away” versions…

I’ve surrendered to just using the library components provided and then editing each one by hand…

Yep, this :arrow_up:

I’m in a need for the same feature - Connect tool to be able to link Master objects… or at least to be easier to draw the connection line between master the same way you can connect boxes for example. The extra feature to keep objects connected when you move them around is not that important to me.
As UX I’m creating a lot of Information Architecture maps using a set of templates, done using the Master concept and drawing lines between them is a pain now - it is taking x5 the time compared to how you draw connection between objects on page.

Hi all,

Thanks for the clarification on this! I’ve gone ahead and filed this functionality as a feature request for our teams to review on your behalf. For any future feedback on improving Axure RP 9, please feel email our support team at This should help ensure that we’re able to file this feedback right away. Thank you!

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