Connectors won't render on axure share

Hello Axure Team,

We have problems rendering connectors when publishing to Axure Share.
Locally there is no problem, but online, connectors become invisibles.

Chrome and firefox won’t render the connectors, but Safari will.
Zoom on all browsers is at 100%
We tried to change thickness, color…no effect

It’s a really annoying bug for us as we can’t show the work to our client.

Could you do something to fix this please ? Any tips are also welcome of course :slight_smile:

Hi antoin_alter,

This is a known bug we have on file where straight connectors do not render in the output. Build 3625 has a fix for the issue (you won’t see the issue on Preview or when generating the HTML locally), but you see it on Axure Share as the generator hasn’t yet been updated with the fix. It should get pushed soon, though, so that should help! :slight_smile:

Hi Jane,

Thank you for your fast reply :slight_smile:
That’s a good news! any more precise idea when they’ll push the fix to Axure Share ?


Hi Antoine,

We’re unable to give you the exact date, but we’ll be pushing the fix very soon!