Consistent UI for major versions for a better version adoption

Dear Axure team,

Thank you for all your sweat, sleepless nights, effort, bugfixes and tests for the new Axure 9. As I am now on board since Axure 6, I experience release after release a new non-native UI. It got thinner, lighter, narrower, less a Microsoft Office, more an Electron App. I wonder why it is necessary to always change the UI just for visual effects and if it’s possible to make an UI style that is beautiful, useful and lasts longer than just one major update.

Of course this is a meta discussion but this is something I would really appreciate. I have given Axure trainings for about 3 years and my trainees were frustrated every time not only Axure’s functionality but the UI had changed from the ground up. An UI with small changes like Sketch has would lead to a better learning curve in adoption of new versions.


In my experience, the learning curve at Axure has always been higher than at Sketch. The new UI doesn’t change that much.
For the beginner, the differences are minimal, for the expert, it’s different.
And in my opinion the UI urgently needed an update, the old one was already very dusty. Of course there are still some things to improve, but nothing dramatic.