Console action order is not 100% accurate - FYI

FYI - The console order isn’t 100% accurate to when events fire. In this simple example I made to test this, the Listener is “moved” in the middle of the list of the Button’s actions. The console makes it look like the Listener’s actions happen after the Button’s actions. However, the Listener’s actions actually fire in the middle of the Button’s actions.

I think this is the correct behavior for the order the actions fire and that the console is misleading. I banged my head against a wall for a few hours trying to figure this out…hopefully this saves other people time for timing sensitive actions.

ActionOrderExample.rp (51.5 KB)

I agree!
After an hour I found that the console showed some events from 18:28:13 listed at its top, others at its bottom, and in-between some from 18:28:14.