Console Trace on Page Load

The new feature of console that requires you to “Start Trace” is not usable when you are trying to see what’s happening as the page first loads. Is there a way (e.g., URL Parameter) to force this Start Trace automatically? Or is this filed under a feature request?

My assumption is that this was due to performance reasons, but would be good to manually turn of when needed.

Hi w00t!

You can have the trace start as the page loads by clicking the “Start Trace” button and then refreshing the project page. The refreshed page will include the URL parameter “tr=1”, which will allow the trace to start as the page loads.

Hopefully this helps!

Thanks Chelsea! I saw the parameter get added but what was confusing is that the console panel still has the “Start Trace” button.

A suggestion would be to change this display if tr=1 is present.

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