Consolidated List Of Interactions

Product Suggestion:
Something that would be incredibly helpful in the product is a consolidated list of all interactions on a page. It’s often difficult, especially with complicated RP files that someone else built, to find the right element that is causing an interaction. I end up clicking through the Outline tab one by one to find each of the elements that have interactions coded into them.

It’d be great if a toolbar or view existed that showed me all of the interactions, interaction events (click/move/hover/etc), and the associated elements that I could review and then click to focus/edit.

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A graph showing interaction targets from each widget would be very helpful in some cases.


Suggest you look at the use of what Axure pros call “handlers” - this is what me an my team use regularly to addressed this problem ie. keep all/most the intercation in one (or a small number of places (and reduce code redundancy)

Best, Ritch


Thanks for the tip, Ritch! I’ve used handlers in other languages but never thought to apply them in Axure. Will definitely check them out here. Great idea!