Contact forms that send emails

Many websites have a contact form which will automatically send an email instead of just listing an email address. This is usually set up using PHP. Because the Axure + AxShare combo doesn’t have this option, we will have to look into a 3rd party to accomplish this goal.


If you haven’t heard of Wufoo, it is a basic form builder that allows you to customize and embed a form into your website. They are from the same people that made Survey Monkey.

Wufoo is free up to a certain amount of form submissions, but for most websites this option will not require any payment plan.

On a very basic level, Wufoo will give you an iframe embed code, which you can use with Axure’s existing inline frame widget. They also give you some HTML which you can use in combination with our AxShare plugins.

You can see an example of a Wufoo form on this website which is created/hosted using Axure Contact Good For You!

Google Forms

Another free option to look into is Google Forms. This is part of the Google Docs lineup, and provides a free form builder which can also email you when an entry has been submitted.

The downside to the Google Form is that the visuals cannot be customized, so if your website is… blue for example, you can’t make your Google Form blue.

If anyone can suggest an alternate way to create a form to embed which will send an email, please add it to this thread!

hi paul,

I’m a beginner to this Axure pro. As you had mentioned that contact forms being not able to send email without having a 3rd party involve, I had recently found out this contact forms like thingy which I had no idea whether it is useable? I had attached a picture of it.
Let says that contact forms like thiny is useable, may I know where do I insert my email address such that when a viewer hit the send button, that particular message will be sent directly to my email?

Hi Cedrick - The message won’t get directly sent, using the method you’re referring to it will fire up your default email program with the email/subject line filled in as you’ve told it to in the URL.

hi paul,

Is it possible to show me the steps on how and where to insert my email address? cause I am really clueless.
Also, is there any new method by far?

thank you so much for your help

Sorry for late response, this post will get you where you need to be.

Hi Paul,
Please check the below post.
Dynamic Mail function (without 3rd party)


Google forms can actually be customised out of the box with colour etc however the new material design forms alow little customisation via css of the form elements.

Actually once you have created a google form you, with some low level html/css skills you can take the id’s ffrom the form and for each field and rebuild your form any way you choose. It will still send data to a google sheet immediately…even from a local html page.

Paul_Axure: That link has been archived - is there any updated link? I’m trying to email out variable content stored in Axure. Many thanks.