Controlling widget in parent frame

I have an inline frame with an html page inside. I want to click a button on html page and raise the click event on a widget in the parent axure page…does anyone know how to do this?

Hi jt49256,

The only way to pass data from one page to another is to use global variables. So what you can do is OnClick of the button on the iframe target page, set the value of a global variable to something like “1”. On the parent page with the inline frame widget, build an infinite loop to check for the value of the global variable, and if it equals “1”, then raise the OnClick on the widget on the parent page. I created an infinite loop by moving a hot spot widget by (0,0) and using its OnMove to check for the value of the global variable.

Lmk if you have any questions!

IframeOnClick.rp (55.7 KB)