Converting Masters into Widgets


Is it by any chance possible to convert masters into one widget? I need to potentially duplicate the master from project to project and was wondering whether this was a wise idea. If it’s possible to do, what would be the implication of this? Is there a way to use masters across projects without using the faithful ‘copy; paste’ function?


Hey ajbee,

If you’re looking to reuse the same master across multiple files and want to be able to quickly drag and drop it into a file, then you may want to consider building a custom widget library. If you create a custom library and make your master one of the widgets, then you can load that widget library into any RP file and drag and drop the master into the file to automatically import it. This should save you from having to copy and paste it or manually import it through “File > Import from RP File” into all of your files. Hopefully this helps!

Masters is a sort of widget library. If I have spent many hours creating all necessry masters and then want to build a customer widget library, what is the best way to do that? I would need to import all masters and then drop each one to a page in the rplib file? That sounds very time consuming. Would’nt it better to generate a library from the masters panel?