Converting to a master button

I have taken over a project and the project has Back and Home buttons on every page. Is there a way I can create a Master Home and Back buttons and use them throughout so I don’t have to change each one on every page?

Yep. Master elements have a special interaction function called Raise Events. This allows you to have persistent elements with specialized functionality.

Then again… a Home button will persistently point to, well… a Home page. That’s easy enough.
A Back button can be setup to point directly to the forwarding page. So no matter where you were before getting to wherever you are, a back button can be setup to get you back. If memory serves it’s the 3rd option in the Open Link function.

It’s actually the 4th, but the button group is so far removed it fees like the 3rd :slight_smile:

Crap! So close… yet so far.

Ok great thanks for the help!!!:grinning: