Copy and paste in place - Again

Hi, I have tried the Ctl +C, Ctl+V, Shift Left Shift Up, however it is pasting more then 10px out.

Why is there not a paste in place option

If you copy an object and paste it on the same page, it will paste down and right 10px (so that it’s not directly over the original, and you can see there are two objects).

If you paste it into a new page, it will paste in the same location as the original.

As for it pasting more than 10px out, are you sure? Bear in mind that if you don’t have “Snap to grid” checked and if you do have “Snap to widgets” checked, then Shift moving widgets can move them less than 10px

Unfortunately it does neither.

On a new page it is more than 10px and not the same position. I have to write down the XY as so I can re position where it is needed… super frustrating on complex prototypes.

I experience the same. I have experienced this in previous versions and I have brought this to the attention in the past.