Copy and paste stuffs


When I copy + paste(ctrl c+v) or duplicate(ctrl+d), I always see the blue box and that blue box hold both widgets like the original one and the copied one which means whenever I move the copied widget or vice versa, it affects the other one. How can I make it independently?


Hi super!

Hmm, I don’t think I’ve been able to reproduce this issue on my end just yet. Is this occurring when working with a group of widgets? If you right-click on the selection, do you see the option to ungroup the widgets?


Can you move the widgets separately after clicking “Ungroup”?

If this issue persists, could you send along a screenshot or video of how this selection behaves? Is this is happening in a particular project file, or are you able to see this happen in a new, blank project file? Could you also let me know what operating system you are using when you’re seeing this issue?

Thank you!