Copy from Axure table to excel

Hi everyone,
I document lots of the behaviour in Axure, so the developers will not have to switch between Axure and (yet) another document…
So I start document in Axure (very happy with new features of Axure 9).
However, I found that in either Axure 8 or 9, when I try to copy from Axure table to excel it is pasted as an image :frowning:
Even between RP9 to 8 it pastes as an image.

is it meant to be like this? I have seen a forum post from 2014 claiming it should work…


Try to use Office 2019. ‘Copy and Paste’ worked with Excel 2019 with Axure RP Pro 9 combination in both ways.

The Axure repeater table is not usable as is, so everybody who does much with repeaters uses Excel (or similar) as the source of all repeater data.

This has worked in Axure 7&8 for at least 4 years and still works in RP8. It was broken in RP9, but I think they are fixing it now. You don’t need Excel 2019. Any Excel version that is part of Office 2011 or newer should work.

There are 2 tricks:

  1. It works better if you copy the whole thing in one go. When you copy from Excel and then go to paste into Axure, just select the top left header in your repeater and paste the whole thing. Tt defaults to ‘Column0’ in a new repeater.

  2. When you copy from Excel to a repeater, the repeater will add a blank row at the bottom, so you need to manually delete that row.


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Yep, as SifuDynamic says it should be possible to copy and paste data from Excel/spreadsheet apps into Axure RP as data. If you want to make a table out of it, then right-clicking the Axure RP canvas and choosing “Paste Special > Paste as Table” should give you a table with the data in your clipboard. If you’re pasting the data into a repeater, then as mentioned above you should be able to select a cell in the repeater dataset and paste your copied data. Data from repeater datasets (not the repeater widget itself) can also be copied from RP 8 to RP 9 and vice versa, as well as from the Axure RP repeater dataset over to Excel.

As far as table widgets, you can paste data from Excel into a table but can’t copy data from a table widget out of Axure RP into excel, since it’s copying the widget cells; as with copying a widget from Axure RP and trying to paste to an external application would usually do, this would result in the widget getting pasted as an image.

Hi Bill,
I am not speaking about repeaters here, just the table.
Also, I am speaking more of copying from Axure TO Excel. (since I have already created a table for documentation, I sometime wish to send it in a Office table format).
That does not work. not in RP8 nor in RP9.

So unfortunately, I still looking to hear if that meant to be.

Ok, so I now understand I should first create every table in excel, or I might maybe try the published html version. maybe that will work :wink:

I am on Mac with newest version (year 2019). Does not work :frowning:

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