Copy/Paste from .rp to .rplib issue

First off - Hi! New to this forum. I’m sorry we meet under these circumstances as I bang my head against my keyboard.

I’m trying to add a new widget to my custom library. I am working in a .rp file mocking up a page for my website. I’m pretty deep into one of the feature sets and would hate to have to rebuild it when I use the popup somewhere else in my app, so I want to add it to my library.

My issue is with formatting between document types. Unless I’m mistaken, the only way to save a page to your library is to edit the library file itself and build the thing in there. Unfortunately, when I copy/paste inside the .rp file to a new page/master/whatever, it works fine. If I paste into a new page in my .rplib it ignores TONS of formatting, corner radiuses, color fill, etc…

Is there a way to either 1. Save a page into my library as a widget for future use from a .rp file? or 2. Get the damn paste function to work properly? I’ve read a bunch of posts here and nobody has mentioned this issue before - similar paste issues seemed to be within the same document, not between two.

Thanks for your help!

Hi Hawsa, it sounds like your RP file is using style attributes that aren’t in the RPLIB. The best method is to import from into the library by going to File > Import from RP File. Import the page containing your widget and any relevant widget styles, and then you can delete anything else from the page that isn’t needed for that particular widget.

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This worked perfectly! Much love!

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